Charlotte keeps up a high standard of safety for its booming businesses

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If you were to check Charlotte’s crime statistics, you’ll see cautiously optimistic, but mixed results.  Overall crime was down about 5% over the year, but there is still cause for concern with violent crime.  The community has nothing but respect for the brave men and women in the Charlotte Police Department, but we can’t discount the contributions of the thousands of security professionals keeping Charlotte safe.  When you see a city put such a premium on safety (an impressive 6% drop in property related crime), you can rest assured that there is always someone on the lookout.

Charlotte keeps up a high standard ofCharlotte NC safety for its booming businesses.  Security guard training is always in demand.  As a major economic center for the energy industry, banking and shipping, Charlotte has also attracted a hospitality, restaurant, and entertainment industry that is making it an east coast cultural hub.  By getting your security guard license, you have a plethora of opportunity – be it securing local businesses, providing parties and events with security or being a familiar presence at one of Charlotte’s major corporations.  Proper security guard training will open many doors.

As America’s 12th most populous city, Charlotte has great attractions for tourists and residents where the presence of a security guard puts your mind at ease and let’s you focus on fun and family.  In attractions as diverse as one of Charlotte’s famous motor speedways, the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art or a concert at the Blumenthal Performing Arts center the common denominator is for you to not have to worry about anything.  Charlotte has such a rich history in places like the Fourth Ward and Wesley Heights – it’s part of Charlotte’s charm!  Citizens want quality professionals with security guard training to preserve the cultural heritage for the next generation and for the character of this growing city.

At first you may not notice the professional man or woman guarding the art, assisting and escorting visitors, or protecting you, but remember that these industry trained professionals are there if you need them.  Between Charlotte’s classic neighborhoods and modern events, you can bet that there is a security guard there to help you with any emergency.  What are some of your favorite locales and attractions around Charlotte?

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