Licensing Requirements

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Security Guard License Requirements

State Requirements for Guard Card and Security Officers

Security Guards licensing is handled on a state level. Meaning that every state has different requirements for receiving your security guard license or guard card. Some states do not have any laws as it pertains to the licensing of security officers. Select a state from the list below to find the security guard licensing requirements for that state. You will also find links to the state website where you can find the latest information on obtaining a guard card or security guard license.

Alabama · Arizona · Arkansas · California · Colorado · Connecticut · Delaware · Florida · Georgia · Illinois · Indiana · Iowa · Kansas · Louisiana · Maryland · Nevada · New Jersey · New York · North Carolina · Pennsylvania · South Dakota · Tennessee · Texas · Utah · Vermont · Virginia · Washington

4 thoughts on “Licensing Requirements

    • Hello Pamela and thanks for looking into Security Guard Exchange to get your security guard license question answered. Typically, one States’ license is not accepted permanently by another State. The main reason is that all states have different laws regarding the legal issues and liability issues security officers face while on duty. Our advise is for you to contact the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, they will be able to tell you whether they will accept your existing New Jersey SORA Security Guard License. You can find a link to the VA DCJS at the bottom of our Licensing Requirements page. Feel free to contact us directly at 855-232-4827 that’s 855-BE-A-GUARD and any of our Security Guard training agents will be glad to help you further.

  1. I’m interested in being licensed as a security guard in the state of PA and the costs of such license. Thank you.

    • Thank you William for your interest in Security Guard Exchange Training in Pennsylvania. You first need to get in contact with the Pennsylvania State Police Barracks nearest to you. You will need to get an Act 235 Authorization Letter from them BEFORE you can take any Security Training. The process to attain the Act 235 Authorization Letter will currently cost you $77.50. Training cost runs approximately $300.00 for both the unarmed and armed security guard training. Feel free to contact us at (855)BE-A-Guard – (855)232-4827 if you need anything further.

      -Stay Safe

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