Unarmed Security Guard Requirements

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unarmedThe unarmed security guard is required to be licensed in the state of Delaware; they are required to provide personal information and to take a state certified training course prior to being issued a license. The Delaware Department of Public Safety will issue the license when all of the requirements are completed. The unarmed security guard license will be valid for two years from the date it was issued.

The personal requirements are:

  • The applicant will be a minimum of age 21
  • They will possess a high school diploma or equivalency certificate
  • They will submit to drug testing
  • A complete background check will be done
  • Fingerprints will be supplied
  • Proof to legally work in the United States
  • The applicant will have not been convicted of any felonies or violent misdemeanors
  • The applicant will have successfully completed a state certified training course prior to applying for a Delaware unarmed security guard license

The training courses that must be successfully completed by the applicant before the applicant is able apply for the licensing from the Delaware Department of Public Safety. The courses will provide the unarmed security guard with the education to perform their duties when working in the public or private duty sector.

The course will include:

  • Working with professionalism in the workplace
  • The legal and ethical issues in the state of Delaware
  • Legal use of force
  • Emergency medical training including first aid and CPR

After the state certified training course is completed the person is then able to apply to the Delaware Department of Public Safety for an unarmed security guard license that will open many opportunities in the security sector. The license, which is valid for two years, requires a refresher course taken yearly to keep it current. The unarmed security guard license will need to be renewed prior to the date of expiration. The positions that are open to the unarmed security guard will not require them to carry firearms; these types of positions are for the armed security guard licensed in Delaware. This requires extra training in weapons and a firearm’s license.

The employment opportunities the unarmed security guard licensed in Delaware will be qualified for are:

  • Banks and financial institutions that do not require the guard to be armed
  • Schools and colleges
  • Apartment complexes and housing developments
  • State and federal offices and buildings
  • Hotels
  • Malls and retail stores
  • Public or private land
  • Private security

These are some of the employment opportunities that the Delaware licensed unarmed security guard will find work. There may be the requirement for some positions to have a valid Delaware driver’s license to fulfill the required duties of a specific position. This is not a requirement to apply for an unarmed security guard license, but rather one the employer might require. There are also some instances where the employer might require the unarmed security guard to have a Red Cross first aid and CPR certification.

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