Unarmed Security Guard Requirements

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unarmedThe person that applies for an unarmed security guard license in the state of Georgia will need to meet the requirements, which are outlined in the Security Guard Act of 1992 and the amendments that have been added to the act. The license when applied for will be valid for two years with a refresher course mandatory every 12 months to keep the license current according to the present state guidelines.

The requirements for the unarmed security guard include:

  • The applicant will be at least 18 years of age
  • Applicants will submit to finger printing
  • There will be a criminal background check
  • Photo identification with a valid expiration date is required
  • The applicant will have a high school diploma or an equivalency certification
  • The person that is obtaining a license, as an unarmed security guard will need training at a state certified facility.

The training center will provide the applicant with the education to work in the security sector, with education in:

  • The legal and ethical issues that can arise on the job
  • Emergency medical care including CPR
  • Emergency fire training including evacuations
  • Proper writing of reports
  • Detaining suspects or shoplifters
  • Crowd management

The unarmed security guard in Georgia will have the training when completed to provide protection for properties, the public and for private citizens. This employee is an intricate part of many businesses that have shoplifting or theft problems, businesses that do not want intruders and areas where the public needs protection. There are some employment opportunities that might require the unarmed security guard to hold a valid Georgia driver’s license. This will be most common in protection of apartment complexes, subdivisions and other properties. For this type of position the guard is usually given a company vehicle, and it is possible their driving record will also be checked for traffic violations.

The places the Georgia unarmed security guard can find employment is:

  • Retail stores
  • Malls
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Parks
  • Parking structures
  • Apartments, subdivisions, and hotels
  • Private properties
  • Private office buildings

These are some of the opportunities for the Georgia unarmed security guard, which the certified training will prepare them for the situations that can occur including shoplifters and detaining them until the authorities arrive. The training will also educate the licensed employee to handle medical or fire emergencies. It will provide training in how to relay information to emergency medical technicians or fire personnel, both orally and in written reports. There will be unarmed security employment, which will have cameras and alarm systems that need to be monitored. This type of monitoring can include on the job training to ensure the unarmed guard understands the daily routine of the monitoring. In other positions like the parking structure, the guard will ensure that vehicles are not stolen or vandalized. The positions the unarmed security guard holds help to keep the public safe, they are able to deter situations that could endanger the employees or public.

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