Armed Security Guard Requirements

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armedThe state of Louisiana requires that any person that will be employed in the security field as an armed security guard must be licensed. This license cannot be obtained without meeting all the requirements according to the state statutes; this will include both personal information and training.

The training must be completed at a state certified facility for the amount of sixteen hours for security, and firearms training will also be completed. The personal information that must be supplied is as follows:

  • The applicant must be at least 21 years of age to qualify.
  • The applicant will hold a high school diploma or an equivalency certification.
  • There will be a FBI style background check.
  • The applicant will submit fingerprints.
  • Applicants will provide proof; they can legally work in the United States.
  • The applicant will not have a criminal history that includes felony convictions or aggravated misdemeanors.
  • The applicant will complete security training and firearms training prior to applying for a license.

The training that is required in the state of Louisiana will prepare the armed security guard to work within the security sector and will be trained to handle emergency situations and criminal activity. The sixteen hours of security education will include the laws that apply to the Louisiana licensed armed security guard.

The sixteen hours of training will include:

  • Legal issues
  • Ethical issues
  • Louisiana law
  • Emergency medical including first aid and CPR
  • Crowd control
  • Use of non-lethal force
  • Emergency fire management
  • Firearm’s training
  • Marksmanship and target
  • Use of force
  • Louisiana limits of force

The applicant that has completed both the sixteen hours of security training and the firearm’s training successfully will then be issued an armed security guard license. This training will educate the applicant to handle fire and medical emergencies until the fire or ambulance authorities arrive on the scene. The applicant will also be prepared to deal confidently with criminal activity including detaining a suspect until the police arrive and report to them both orally and in written reports.

The employment opportunities that are available to the Louisiana licensed armed security guard are both in the public and private sector. These opportunities can include:

  • Banks
  • Financial institutions
  • State office buildings
  • Federal office buildings
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Apartment complexes
  • Housing developments
  • Armored vehicles
  • Private security duty

These are some of the employment opportunities the licensed armed guard will find in the security field. There are some employers that will require further training and that will require the armed security guard to hold a valid Louisiana driver’s license.

The Louisiana armed security guard license is valid for two years; it must be renewed thirty days prior to the date of expiration as long as the applicant continues to work in the security field. There is also a requirement to take a refresher course annually in both the security training and in the firearm’s training to keep the licensing current

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