Armed Security Guard Requirements

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armedThe armed security guard in the state of Washington will be required to be licensed and will also need training. There are certain requirements that will need to be satisfied in order to obtain a Washington state armed security license. The applicant will also apply and obtain a firearms license in the state of Washington prior to applying for the armed security guard license.

This license will require the need for certain types of documentation including:

  • The armed security applicant in the state of Washington will need to be at least 21 years of age to obtain a state license.
  • The person applying for an armed security guard license will need to have had a certificate for training and certification to carry an armed security license.
  • There will be a completed fingerprint card submitted with the application.
  • The applicant must supply proof of residency, such as a valid Washington driver’s license or a state photo identification card

There will also be a valid social security number submitted with the application.

The person that is applying for an armed security guard license in the state of Washington will also need the certificate for their fire arms which is obtained after training by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.

The armed security guard in the state of Washington after being trained in a certified facility will be prepared to work in many of the security sector fields. They will have the needed skills and also the ability to carry a firearm.

The training the Washington armed security guard will be given at a certified training facility is:

  • The legal and ethical issues that can arise on the job
  • The limit to use of force
  • The limited types of arrests that the armed security guard is able to perform
  • Detainment of suspects
  • Preparedness in emergency situations and CPR
  • Firearms training
  • Written reports
  • Working with professional authorities

Employers in this field could require other types of skills, such as a valid driver’s license in order to perform the security duties they require. They might also require a high school education or even a degree of higher education depending on the location of the armed security.

This armed security guard license opens the door to employment opportunities in many areas of the security sector. These positions can be located in:

  • Airports, bus or train stations
  • Schools, colleges and universities in Washington state.
  • State and government offices
  • Private office buildings
  • Private personal security
  • Malls and retail buildings
  • Banks and other financial institutions

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  1. Need to know a place in winter haven,where I can take the 28 hour course for G license,which is expired. COULD YOU PLEASE ADVICE.,, OH XXXXXXXXXX

    • Thank you for your interest in Security Guard Exchange and it’s network of licensed security guard training centers. We currently can not help you attain your Class G Armed Security Guard Training in Winter Haven. The nearest we can assist you to attain your Class G Armed Security Guard Training would be near I-75 and Fowler Avenue, west of Busch Gardens and Temple Terrace. Please contact us at 844-381-2646 to speak to a representative or to register for a course.

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