Security Guard Shoots at Driver Trying to Run Him Down

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Security Guard Shoots at Driver Trying to Run Him Down
By Dan Stamm
Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013

NBC10 – Katy Zachry

A security guard at the North American Motor Inn on City Avenue opened fire on a car after the driver allegedly tried to run him down. NBC10’s Katy Zachry reports.

A security guard opened fire on a car this morning outside an area motel after the driver apparently tried to run him over.

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According to Philadelphia Police spokeswoman Officer Christine O’Brien the incident at the North American Motor Inn began when three security guards at the motel on City Avenue in Philadelphia’s Wynnefield neighborhood saw something suspicious going on in a car parked in the building’s garage.

The guards went over to the blue/gray two-door Nissan coupe with tinted windows around 3 a.m.

As the unidentified guards approached, the driver hit the gas and drove towards them, lowering his window and apparently extending his arm out the window with something in his hand, according to police.

One of the guards opened fire as the car barreled forward. None of the security guards were hurt. It wasn’t clear if the driver was hit. Originally a guard on the scene told NBC10 that the car was stopped and the driver arrested. O’Brien later said that wasn’t the case and that the driver fled west on City Avenue.

The incident remains under investigation.


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