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Inglewood, CA Security Guard Training Courses

Individual Courses

Guard Card Level I Training - $47.00
Unarmed Security Guard License
(8 Hour Course)
Firearms Permit
Armed Security Guard License
(14 Hour Course)

Guard Card Level II Training
Unarmed Security Guard License
(16 Hour Course)
Guard Card Level III Training
Unarmed Security Guard License
(16 Hour Course)

Combo Courses

Total Package - CA
Unarmed & Armed Security Guard License
( Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar

Inglewood is right in the heart of Southern California as a major transportation hub.  Minutes away from Los Angeles International Airport (that’s LAX to you) and the spot where many of L.A. and Orange County’s infamous freeways converge, Inglewood is definitely the place where many people are coming and going. With its proximity to so many locales, a security guard license is a great investment for a professional looking to work steadily, network, and expand his opportunities.

Inglewood Security Guard Exchange provides the best security guard training courses the industry has to offer.  While you can build the curriculum that makes the most sense for you, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our classes that deal with legal liability and proper detention and the latest regulations on getting or renewing your security guard license.  Our expert self- defense instructors and professional shooting range officers will give you armed and unarmed security guard training so you can handle yourself in any situation.

Inglewood is a major shipping area for the transportation air and shipping industry and is always in need of trustworthy, qualified professionals with proper security guard licensing and armed (or unarmed) security guard training.  From warehouses to truck drivers, Inglewood has open their doors and are in heavy need for security professionals – and that’s just one industry.  A security guard license will ensure that you always have plenty of jobs that fit into your schedule.

When you sign up – you will have access to our comprehensive California security jobs board.  With listings not only available in Inglewood, but all of California, you will have the options to find an employer that best understands your needs.  If you’re tired of the 9 – 5 grind behind a desk, call one of our security representatives and we’ll help you decide on the best security guard courses for your situation.

Now is the time to take control of your future and realize your potential.  A security guard license will make finding jobs easier and allow you to build confidence, savings and a positive reputation on the schedule that best fits your lifestyle.  Our operators are waiting now to help you get registered.  If you’re looking for a great job that can help support you and your family, sign  for security guard training with us today!

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