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Sacramento, CA Security Guard Training Courses

Individual Courses

Guard Card Level I Training - $55.00
Unarmed Security Guard License
(8 Hour Course)
Guard Card Level II Training
Unarmed Security Guard License
(16 Hour Course)
Guard Card Level III Training
Unarmed Security Guard License
(16 Hour Course)

Combo Courses


The state capital of California – Sacramento – is a place where important government functions and school events are numerous and well-attended.  Sacramento values the safety of its citizenry, so there’s no better place than this beautiful city to build a career in security.  From parties to off-campus lectures to political fundraisers, the demand for individuals with skilled security guard training is high.  This is a great job for someone who needs part-time flexibility or for someone who wants to make a career in Sacramento.

At Sacramento Security Guard Exchange, our talented instructors will help you develop your conflict resolution skills and how to act in case of any emergency.  From first-aid to crowd control, we will give you the proper security guard training that is required to ensure that you are compliant with all of the legal liability.  Our self-defense courses are second to none and our concealed weapons training will train you in all of the most important firearm safety.

Sacramento is the kind of city where you can interact with one of America’s greatest strengths – diversity.  If you are good with people, have excellent communication skills,  and can respond in a variety of different situations – security guard training in Sacramento is a great opportunity for you and your family.  Whether it’s crowd control at a king’s game, or protecting the revelers enjoying the Sacramento nightlife downtown, there’s always a need for quality security.

Get your security guard license today and access our exclusive California Security Guard Jobs Board.  You’ll find all the listings that Sacramento has to offer and depending on the locale, time, and circumstance, you can build your career and your skills.  We have numerous security guard classes that furn from proper lockdown procedures to CPR to detecting imminent threats.  Our main aim is to keep you employed – so don’t hesitate to reach out to our security specialists today.

If you’ve considered getting off the couch or out of the rut and starting a new life, a career in security is for you.  With the value that Sacramento puts on security, how can you pass up the chance to find a satisfying job where you can support you and your family?  Sign up with our friendly security representatives today and we’ll help format the best security guard training program for your skills.  The future starts today.

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  1. Good morning, I am very interested in your Level III unarmed security class in Sacramento, California. Who can I contact to register in the class ASAP

    • Hello Dale and thank you for visiting Security Guard Exchange. Once you are ready to get your California Level III Unarmed Security License call us at 844-381-2646 to register for the online training course that is available.

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