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Hastings, FL Security Guard Training Courses

Individual Courses

D Training - $157.00
Unarmed Security Guard License
(40 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
D Part II Training - $107.00
Unarmed Security Guard License
(16 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
G Training - $157.00
Armed Security Guard License
(28 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
G Re-qualification - $107.00
Armed Security Guard Re-qualification
(4 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar

Combo Courses

Total Package - FL - $307.00
Unarmed & Armed Security Guard License
(68 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar

Hastings has been hosting tourists since the 19th century, and that kind of hospitality still translates hundreds of years later.  It’s no wonder that one of the cities that pioneered tourism also has a need for well-qualified security professionals.  Not only in cities like Hastings, but all across Florida, Security Guard Exchange offers some of the best armed and unarmed security guard classes to jumpstart your career in the booming security industry.

We offer comprehensive security guard training courses at competitive prices.  Working in a variety of fast paced environments, you can hone your skills from unarmed restraint to armed response.  We specialize in helping navigate the legal aspects of the job as well, whether its to renew or gain your security guard license, or keep you updated on the latest on concealed carry training.  Channel your passion in helping others by signing up for the security industry today.

When you are trusted to monitor an event or property and make fast decisions, your qualifications and training are essential.  By having a security guard license, your Hastings clients can rest easier knowing that they are well protected.  And while proper licensing is one of our paramount focuses, you can be a private citizen who just wants to review gun safety or concealed weapons training to take one of our many, informative, security guard classes.

Hastings has a classic feel to it with its agriculture and historic tourism sites, and there’s always a need for friendly, dedicated security professionals.  Our vast Florida jobs board will get you referred quickly and easily.  Don’t put off a gainful, satisfying career in the field of security. Your presence will leave Hastings’ residents confident as they build their future as you build yours. Sign up for security guard training and expand your potential today.

If you ever wondered if you had what it takes to work in the security field, call one of our  specialists today and inquire about one of our ongoing security guard training courses.  Classes in Hastings are available now, and we can help you train you in basic hand to hand defense, get that concealed weapons training, or obtain a security guard license.  Don’t wait, call now – a career in the ever expanding security industry is up ahead.

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