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Orlando, FL Security Guard Training Courses

Individual Courses

D Training - $157.00
Unarmed Security Guard License
(40 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
D Part II Training - $82.00
Unarmed Security Guard License
(16 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
G Training - $197.00
Armed Security Guard License
(28 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
G Re-qualification - $107.00
Armed Security Guard Re-qualification
(4 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar

Combo Courses

Total Package - FL - $347.00
Unarmed & Armed Security Guard License
(68 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar

Known as the “Theme Park Capital of the World”, Orlando attracts more than 50 million visitors per year.  As a premiere tourist destination, professionals with exceptional security guard training are in high demand.  If you’re a natural at reading people, or already have basic combat skills, let our security guard classes hone and elevate these abilities with conflict resolution and both armed and unarmed security guard training.

The residents of Orlando are grateful that their security professionals have the proper security guard training to “deter, detect, observe, and report.”  After completing our advanced security guard classes, our guards enhance their abilities to best monitor and protect any venue. Our armed and unarmed security guard training is second to none.  Our instructors teach you how to recognize aggression, detain a suspect, and even the elite concealed carry training.

A critical aspect for any security specialist is to have proper security guard licensing.  Orlando Security Exchange ensures that you’re familiar with all of the industry’s regulations.  From concealed weapons training and permits, rules against profiling, to renewing your security guard license – you will never be left unaware.  Whether on the job or on the job market, we equip you with the best skills and knowledge to succeed.

Are you on the look out for a fulfilling, well-paying job so you can support your family?  Orlando is a city with plenty of opportunity to excel in the highly competitive security field.  Our security guard classes will give you access to our comprehensive Florida security jobs board, where you can find an employer who’s a good match for your needs. With a security guard license on your CV, you’ll stand out amongst the field.  Don’t hesitate – call us today.

Our ongoing security guard classes are open now… just call one our of security specialists and we can set you up with a curriculum that’s best for you.  Basic tactical knowledge?  Concealed Carry training?  Security Guard Licensing?  Call Orlando Security Guard Exchange today and make your new career a reality.



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    • Hello Mr. Wilson and thank you for your interest in Security Guard Exchange and its Network of Security Guard Training Partners. You can check the Job Board by visiting the following webpage at http://securityguardexchange.com/job-board/ I conducted a quick job search for Security Guard positions in Orlando Florida and came up with 65 results. You can review those and attain the State of Florida required Security Guard Training in Orlando Fl by visiting the Orlando Security Guard Training webpage at http://securityguardexchange.com/security-guard-training/florida/orlando/ Please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 855-232-4827 that’s 855-BE-A-GUARD and any of our Security Guard training agents will be happy to assist you with you Security Guard Training needs.

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