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Don’t hesitate, call one of our knowledgeable security experts today. We can sign you up for the right security guard training course that’s custom fit for you. If sitting behind a desk from nine to five is not for you, if you have the demeanor to resolve a situation quickly, and if you feel a sense of pride in providing a sense of security for others, sign up for your security guard license today. Tourists come from all across America to enjoy Sarasota’s surf, sand, sunshine, and seafood. No wonder there’s a need for individuals with both elite security guard training and the proper security guard licensing. Sarasota’s many beachfront events require a surplus of fine security professionals with both armed and unarmed security guard training. If you’re ready to join a burgeoning, fast-paced industry, call Sarasota Security Guard Exchange today.

Sarasotans know they can rest easy because of the top quality instruction you receive in our security guard classes. We teach you how to recognize aggressive or suspicious behavior and the physical aspects of armed and unarmed security guard training in self-defense. If you have the ability to read a situation and respond with calm, confidence, and control, security guard classes might help you enter a competitive industry.

Our program specializes in security guard licensing. A security guard license will ensure that you know all the rules and regulations surrounding trespassing laws and how to properly detain a suspect. We even provide concealed weapons training and hand to hand combat guidance. One of our instructors will guide you through the process of gaining a security guard license if you’re new to the industry, and renewing one if you’re a veteran. Whether in the field or in the office, we will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

A security guard license can also set you apart in the job market; everyone who goes through our program will have access to our extensive Florida security jobs board, which connects you with employers all across the state. With the industry leading security guard training, Sarasota Security Guard Exchange can open doors to a growing, satisfying industry in which you can provide for your family.

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