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Hillside, NJ Security Guard Training Courses

Individual Courses

SORA - $192.00
Unarmed Security Guard License
(24 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
SORA Re-certification - $87.00
Unarmed Security Guard License
(8 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar

Combo Courses

No combo courses available at this time.

Hillside is one of New Jersey’s most resilient cities as it has weathered everything from the economy to the climate.  To help a city on the rise like Hillside, security professionals are on the frontline of adding a peace of mind to the city’s great citizens and properties.  Take your future into your own hands and get one of the industry best security guard training courses today.  Representatives at the Hillside Security Guard Exchange are on standby to help you enroll.

The four tenets of security is to deter, detect, observe, and report.  If you have a knack for conflict resolution, let our elite trainers help you develop your own security guard training program.  Getting your security guard license has never been easier and it opens a whole new world of opportunities.  Whether you are a 20-year veteran with plenty of experience or a newcomer to the field, we can make the process of renewing or getting a security guard license easier than ever.

Hillside has the resources to make the community a better place, but it always starts with safety and security.   Our courses in armed and unarmed security guard training will ensure that you are prepared for any situation: hand to hand self defense, concealed weapons training, and proper uses of various non-lethal weapons. The more you expand your skills, the more you’ll be prepared for any situation.  From first aid to crowd control, security guard exchange has a course for that.

Hillside Security Guard Exchange wants to make sure that your training goes to the best use in the fastest amount of time.  After you take the necessary courses, you will have full access to our New Jersey Security Guard Jobs Board – one of the most expansive listings for security professionals (and with an advantage for those with the proper security guard training). Discover how easy it is to obtain your security guard license and a new career today.

A career in security can be a very fulfilling one.  You can choose shifts and locations that most match your schedule and you can build on skills to cater to different jobs.  Most importantly, you can empower yourself to assist not only the community, but to hone your expertise.  Don’t let your talents go unused.  Contact the New Jersey Security Guard Exchange not only for the security guard training you deserve, but for the security guard training that is necessary.

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