New York City

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New York City, NY Security Guard Training Courses

Individual Courses

Full Unarmed Training - $157.00
Unarmed Security Guard License
(24 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
OJT Training - $107.00
Unarmed Security Guard License
(16 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
In-Service Renewal - $57.00
Unarmed Security Guard Renewal
(8 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
Fire Guard Training - $87.00
Pre-Fire Guard Test Training
(4 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar

Combo Courses

No combo courses available at this time.

New York City is the most populous city in the United States – and its cultural impact around the world is legendary. From Central Park, to the Statue of Liberty, to the Empire State Building, you are bound to run into a wide cross section of tourists and visitors. The city that never sleeps is always in need of individuals with reliable security guard training to look after the events that are going on 24/7. Are you ready to enter the exciting world of security? New York City is the place to be. From Manhattan to the Bronx, if you have a security guard license, you will have lots of opportunities in this fast-paced, high-demand career.

Whether you are a rookie or a veteran, armed and unarmed security guard training can give you a competitive edge in an industry that is always . Our elite instructors are the best in the business and we have a wide variety of security guard classes in a range of different subjects. Are you looking for courses in self defense? Concealed weapons training? Fire Hazard Safety? Basic first aid training? At New York Security Guard Exchange, our state of the art security guard classes will keep you updated on the latest in these subjects and more.

The boroughs may have many different requirements, but our security guard classes make things simple; we empower you with the tools you need for any possible situation. We teach beginners how to get new security guard licenses and the veterans the updated requirements on security guard licensing. Our concealed carry training reinforces gun safety and permit regulations for private citizens and industry professionals alike. Contact us today to see what security guard classes are running in your area.

Our New York Security Jobs Board will give you complete access to our database of employers and get you slotted for a job in your area quickly. Don’t hesitate now – create a security guard training course schedule that will make sense for you. New Yorkers are always on the go – and whether you’re watching over one of our many mom and pops or guarding a celebrity, armed and unarmed security guard licenses will open many doors for you in a flexible, fulling, career.

One of our security specialists will be happy to direct you to the security guard classes you need to success. Whether it’s New York liability laws or armed and unarmed combat strategies, our premiere trainers and friendly staff are here to lend their assistance on the job and on the job market. If you’re looking for a satisfying career in which you can provide for your family, inquire today to find our which security guard training course is best for you.

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