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Chesapeake, VA Security Guard Training Courses

Individual Courses

01E - $77.00
Unarmed Security Guard License
(18 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
05E - $67.00
Arrest Authority
(8 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
08E - $67.00
Shotgun Qualification
(3 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
075E - $182.00
Armed Security Guard License
(24 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
01I - $47.00
Unarmed Security Officer In-Service
(4 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
07R - $67.00
Handgun Re-qualification
(4 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
08R -67.00
Shotgun Re-qualification
(3 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar

Combo Courses

Armed Package - VA - $222.00
05E Arrest Authority & 075E Armed Security Training
(32 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
Total Package - VA - $292.00
01E Unarmed Security Training, 05E Arrest Authority & 075E Armed Security Training
(50 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar

Chesapeake’s visitors extend all the way back to colonial times. And even now, tourists flock to the many waterways and parks. It’s a city that cares about its rich history and preserving the natural and historical culture.  Not only do they need highly trained security guard professionals to protect property, Chesapeake places a high premium on the safety of its community.  Training for your armed or unarmed security guard license will not only make you a highly attractive candidate for many of these new jobs, but also as a valued member of the community.

Our experienced instructors run a variety of security guard training courses for the skills you need the most in Chesapeake.  From emergency fire evacuation courses to emergency medical care, you will be prepared to act for the security of our community.  Our security guard classes include seminars where you can improve your self-defense skills and basic combat techniques. You can even try our armed and unarmed security guard training courses in concealed weapons training.

It can be easy to get bogged down in the details of armed and unarmed security guard licenses, but our courses simplify the regulations and make things easy.  If you’re an experienced, 20-year veteran, we can keep you informed on all the renewal information involved with security guard licensing.  Say that you are new the industry, we assist you in gaining your security guard license.  Chesapeake Security Guard Exchange has the best trainers available.

Whether you’re a history buff, an art lover, or a festival enthusiast, there’s always an event going on in Chesapeake – which is always more opportunity for skilled officers with a security guard license from our program.  Our Virginia Security Exchange Jobs Board offers you a range of possibilities throughout Chesapeake, the Norfolk area, and all of Virginia. With your experience from security guard training courses, you’ll be able to take full advantage on all the offerings in your area.

Security is about good judgment and the ability to properly read people.  Not only will you be able to use these skills to better improve the community, it’s a satisfying job that is always in demand.  Don’t wait to contact one of our representatives to see what security guard classes are running your area today. A security guard license is just the first step you need to take for a career thats meaningful.

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