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Springfield, VA Security Guard Training Courses

Individual Courses

01E - $102.00
Unarmed Security Guard License
(18 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
05E - $77.00
Arrest Authority
(8 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
08E - $57.00
Shotgun Qualification
(3 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
075E - $192.00
Armed Security Guard License
(24 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
07R - $82.00
Handgun Re-qualification
(4 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
08R - $57.00
Shotgun Re-qualification
(3 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar

Combo Courses

Armed Package - VA - $232.00
05E Arrest Authority & 075E Armed Security Training
(32 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar
Total Package - VA - $302.00
01E Unarmed Security Training, 05E Arrest Authority & 075E Armed Security Training
(50 Hour Course)
Schedule & Calendar

As one of the most affluent counties in Virginia, Springfield is always in need of armed and unarmed security guards. Springfield’s proximity to Washington D.C. ensures that there are plenty of political fundraisers and parties occurring, and that involves a year round need for individuals with the premiere security guard training we have to offer.  Contact us today to see what security guard classes are running in your area.

Our wide range of security guard classes will teach you skills ranging from which liability rules to be familiar with, to threat assessment, to concealed weapons training.  Our security guard courses are staffed with the best instructors to ensure that you have a quick path to a security guard license. A career in security is in high demand – and our security guard courses prepare you for every event.

Security guard licensing doesn’t have to be a hassle.  When you take our security guard training courses, our instructors will teach you the requirements and differences between armed and unarmed security guard licensing.  Whether it’s renewing your firearms permit, learning the correct techniques for tear gas and the baton, or concealed carry training, we’ll explain all the latest developments in the industry.

A security guard license will make your skills more competitive in a city where security guards are always in high demand.  Our comprehensive Virginia Security Guard Exchange jobs board ensures that you find a job that best fits your lifestyle and schedule.  We have hundreds of employers, and with the correct security guard training, the options are there for you to choose.

Our friendly security specialists are waiting to hear from you. Call or email us today to get the details of which security guard training classes are running today.  Some jobs are just job – but a job in security is a career.  A security guard course is the first step – not only to protecting the community, but securing your future.

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